'Artists 4 Israel' At Overture Miami: Group Attempts To Bring Politics To The Fair (PHOTOS)

12/07/2012 06:29 pm ET | Updated Dec 08, 2012

Amidst the rival millionaires and food-deprived fashionistas cloying for their opportunity to mingle with the art world's mightiest contenders, one group of artists is attempting to bring politics to the forefront of Miami's art fair weekend.

Artists 4 Israel is showcasing an art installation depicting a bomb shelter under a rocket attack. On display now at Overture Miami -- one of the many art fairs presently taking over the city -- the multi-media installation provides overwhelmingly stark visuals. Picture a dull enclosure decorated with tally marks, neon orange graffiti and an abandoned baby doll slumped in a corner. Not your average Art Basel Miami Beach must-see, is it?

artists 4 israel bomb shelter

The work of Artists 4 Israel is decidedly political (we're talking about a bomb shelter, people), but the group's website states otherwise: "We do not take a stand on political issues," it reads. "Instead, we give these artists a stand on which to display their work."

artists 4 israel bomb shelter

Banksy's graffiti work is also on display in Miami this weekend, courtesy of gallerist and controversial dealer Stephan Keszler. One of the works is a mural of a small girl frisking an Israeli soldier, which originally appeared on the West Bank wall near Bethlehem. An Artists 4 Israel participant by the name of Belin has also adorned the barrier with his graffiti work, creating an image of a child dreaming of passing toys over the fence (seen in the picture above).

Let us know what you think of the political slant at this year's fairs. Is Artists 4 Israel really as non-political as they say?

View some of Banksy's work below:

Banksy images

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