'Breaking Bad' Season 4 Bloopers Really Lighten The Mood (VIDEO)

12/07/2012 02:34 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2012

Production is underway on the second half of "Breaking Bad's" fifth and final season. And with tragic ends likely in store for several of the AMC meth drama's characters, what better time to look back at a hilarious blooper reel from Season 4 to lighten the mood?

Check out the gag reel above that features all your favorite "Breaking Bad" actors cracking up as they try to nail their lines during very serious scenes. The laughs not only prove that the cast knows how to have a good time, but also that Walter White has a much better poker face than Bryan Cranston.

"Breaking Bad" returns in the summer of 2013.

"Breaking Bad," Season 5

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