12/07/2012 12:20 pm ET

Dorice 'DeeDee' Moore Cries And Yells During Trial For Alleged Murder Of Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare

A woman accused of swindling and killing a Florida lottery winner emotionally lashed out in court after a witness testified she lied about the dead man's disappearance.

While police were investigating the disappearance of millionaire Abraham Shakespeare, the suspected killer Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore allegedly offered to bribe Shakespeare's ex-girlfriend if she'd participate in the coverup, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

After Shakespeare's ex-girlfriend, Sentorria Butler, testified, ABC News reported that Moore interrupted the Tampa court by yelling from the defense table: "I'm tired of these people lying. This is my life."

Moore, 40, has sobbed through the trial for days and has been reprimanded by Judge Emmett Battles for her courtroom behavior. Once again, he temporarily halted proceedings, ordering her to compose herself on Thursday following the latest loss of self-control.

Prosecutors allege that Moore befriended Shakespeare after he won $30 million in the lotto. He'd already given away vast sums to people and Moore offered to help manage his finances. But, prosecutors allege, she took control of his mansion and plundered his remaining winnings before killing him and burying him in 2009 in the backyard of a Plant City home.

Her defense attorneys claimed that Shakespeare was killed by drug dealers who haven't been caught and suggested that many people were out to cheat him because of his newfound wealth, WPTV reported.

On the ninth day of the trial, prosecutors called Butler, the mother of Shakespeare's son. She testified that Moore offered her a car and a house if she agreed to mislead detectives looking for the missing jackpot winner, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Butler also said Moore lied to her by claiming that Shakespeare had run off with another woman and wouldn't be coming back.

Moore retaliated by forcing her attorneys to present a video of Butler they didn't intend to show. In the recording, Butler says Shakespeare beat her and that he had AIDS. In the witness box, Butler admitted that those statements were untrue and that she concocted them at the behest of Moore.

Other witnesses have testified that Moore sent a forged letter from Shakespeare to his mother, making it appear like he was still alive and had someone else impersonate him on a telephone all, the Ledger reported.