12/07/2012 07:29 am ET Updated Dec 07, 2012

'Glee': Kurt Gets A Second Chance To Audition For NYADA (VIDEO)

Things were going in very different directions in Lima, Ohio than they were in the Big Apple on "Glee." Rachel and Kurt found the holiday season bringing them nothing but good news, while the glee club suffered a crushing loss at Sectionals after Marley collapsed during their performance.

At McKinley, Sue Sylverster took over the Glee Club's practice space, and ensured them there was no reason to go on, now that their "season" was over. It took the entire episode -- and a helpful talk with Rachel -- for Finn to see that New Directions isn't just about winning championships. So they needed a new direction, so to speak. Glee Club was about love of music and love of one another.

And Marley found them that new practice space, even if it is a lot colder. The steps outside of the high school have been home to plenty of musical numbers over the years, and now it's officially the home of the Glee Club.

Back in New York, Rachel received one of only ten invitations to sing at a special event by Carmen Tibideaux herself. It was a competition, and she became the first freshman to ever win. But the event marked another turning point. Carmen gave Kurt a second chance to audition, right there in front of the assembled audience members. A few days later, he got his letter and he'd been accepted to NYADA as well.

Now he and Rachel can suffer together in the strict classroom of Cassandra July. Keep up with all the changes on "Glee," Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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