12/07/2012 04:45 pm ET

Tim Ferriss, Self-Help Author, Talks To Gavin Newsom About Fluffier Eggs And 15-Minute Orgasms (VIDEO)

If you can dream it, Tim Ferriss can tell you how to do it in four hours a week.

Ferriss is the best-selling author of self-help books The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. This week, he stopped by the set of California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom's Current TV chat-a-palooza to talk about his newest book, The 4-Hour Chef.

Ferriss explained to Newsom that his books attempt to combine the more "sexy" aspects of what people want with elements that will actually better their lives in the long term.

"I think the quirky and the odd stuff is useful to draw people in," he said. "In this world you have so much noise every day online and offline. You have to cut through that clutter and get someone's attention. For instance, with the 4-Hour Body, I sell six-pack abs and 15-minute orgasms. I sell them what they want and give them what they need, which is lower fasting glucose levels, better lipid profiles. But no one is gonna change their behavior because of those things."

The author went on to detail some of the cooking tips he learned while researching The 4-Hour Chef, telling Newsom the key to spicing up your scrambled eggs recipe is to change the ratio of yokes to whites--adding additional yokes if you want a denser, creamier dish and putting in an extra egg white if you prefer your eggs on the fluffier side.

Ferriss noted that, while his book is technically about cooking, it's really an investigation into the process of how people learn new skills.

"The process is learning how to learn," said Ferriss. "When you go to school traditionally you learn math, you learn languages. You're never taught how to learn these things, you're just taught the subjects."

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