Brian Okam Free Throw: Appalachian State Center's Terrible Free Throw Attempt (VIDEO)

12/09/2012 03:01 pm ET | Updated Dec 10, 2012

Before Appalachian State's 70-64 loss to Western Carolina on Saturday, the school's athletic program may have been most known for its shocking upset over Michigan's football team back in 2007. But now, Appalachian State's basketball team might be known for being on the opposite side of the spectrum after junior Brian Okam's free throw attempt.

The 7-foot Okam took two dribbles, spun the ball in his hands and hoisted a free throw that failed to make it halfway to the hoop and fell right into the hands of a teammate.

"I'm not sure what that was. Good lord," the WCU62TV announcer said.

As surprisingly bad as the foul shot was, what might be more stunning is that Okam actually made a free throw in the game. He made one of four attempts for his lone point of the game.


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