12/09/2012 08:55 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2013

Dan McCoy Finds Money In Maryland ATM, Wants To Return Cash To Rightful Owner

When Dan McCoy tried to get some money Thursday from an ATM machine in Frederick, he found some money already in the tray. Someone had left the ATM without taking their cash, and McCoy wants to connect the owner to their money.

The money was left at an Exxon gas station ATM machine off Ballenger Creek Pike between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. The store owner will check the security camera to identify the owner, but McCoy wants to turn the money over to the owner as soon as possible.

McCoy, who lives in Hagerstown, said he would prefer not to say how much the money is to ensure the cash doesn't go to the wrong person.

"I haven't told anybody how much money it is," McCoy said. "I want to make sure it gets to the right person."

The rightful owner will know how much the money is, McCoy said.

"I just want to do what I can to help," McCoy said. "The money is not mine, and I want to return it."

People work hard for their money, and it's the time of the season where people are trying to get things for their kids, McCoy said.

But even if it was not the holiday season, the owner deserves to get their money back, McCoy said.

The owner of the cash can call 301-739-7763 to speak with McCoy. ___


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