International children’s charities address a host of issues relating to the world’s most vulnerable citizens. Whether it’s delivering clean water to rural regions in the Caribbean or providing a quality education in Tanzania, each nonprofit works tirelessly to improve struggling children’s lives.

At HuffPost Impact we’ve partnered with to highlight the incredible work of 10 lesser-known interntional children’s charities.

Check out the personal testimonials from those who have been touched by these organizations and cast your vote for the nonprofit you think is doing the most inspiring work.

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  • Hilarious Givers

    We feed orphans and other needy children and their families by collecting surplus and donated food, recruiting volunteers to distribute, and organizing outreach to the least among us. Learn more <a href="">here</a>. “These people truly give their lives to serve others in Mexico, and by doing this they've helped us provide food, blankets and toys to literally thousands of people. That work they do and the passion they have truly encourages us and inspire us to continue serving others.”

  • EfforTZ Foundation Inc

    <a href="">EfforTZ</a> is an all-volunteer nonprofit that works to provide a quality education to Tanzania's children so that they may have better lives and contribute to the betterment of their communities and country. “In terms of positive impact per dollar, Effortz must be among the leaders. Because the founders donate their own time and effort to running the foundation, we know that every dollar we donate is directed to an orphaned or disadvantaged child's education”

  • Himalayan Childrens Charities Inc

    Our mission is to create a viable future for today’s vulnerable, marginalized children by empowering them through education, nurturing care and mentorship to become contributing productive members of their societies. Learn more <a href="">here</a>. “What a wonderful experience to sponsor a child. I have watched him grow for over 6 years and he has now graduated high school and is going on to college. We write and email each other to keep in touch. HCC does an unbelievable job”

  • Lingap Childrens Foundation

    <a href="">The Lingap Center</a> provides hope for children who have suffered from child abuse, abandonment, neglect and exploitation. At the center, we create a safe haven for kids who would otherwise be in life-threatening situations “…I made my first trip to the Philippines and witnessed the miracle of the Lingap Center. Children, who were broken, abandoned, unloved and unwanted, are now both cared for and loved”

  • Ezer Mizion

    To assist the functionally challenged, mentally challenged and those undergoing sudden, traumatic crises relating to medical and health issues which preclude optimal coping. Learn more <a href="">here</a>. "…Thank you for the unbelievable organization, logistics, coordinating to perfection every minute detail, for all the surprises, for the great joy. Thank you for the encouragement . And most important - thank you for the love.”

  • Handreach

    <a href="">HandReach</a>'s dream is for there to be nowhere in the world a child can be injured that is out of reach of excellent medical care and psychosocial support. “Thanks for the opportunities that allowed me to work with the most adorable burn survivors in China! Handreach has accomplished an incredible journey with limited resources thanks to the leadership and hard work by every volunteer”

  • African Vision of Hope

    <a href="">African Vision of Hope</a> is a Christian advocacy and relief organization dedicated to serving vulnerable children and communities in Africa. “I have been a part of African Vision of Hope since I can remember. From the time I was 11 years old I have made the trip to Zambia and the transformation and progress is unbelievable.”

  • Miracles in Action

    <a href="">Miracles In Action</a> volunteers seek out underserved pockets of need, whether it is a rural village of indigenous poor or an inner- city orphanage struggling to support its children “What's impressed me most is about Miracles in Action is the breadth of services they're involved in--from building schools to providing clean water systems, safe stoves and nutrition education”

  • Pure Water for the World, Inc.

    <a href="">Pure Water for the World</a> provides point of use systems complete with hygiene education and follow up monitoring in rural, remote areas in Central America and the Caribbean “The videos and pictures that are online just don’t do justice the hard work and incredible difference that this organization makes! Their efforts are saving the lives of many children and adults”

  • American India Foundation

    The mission of the <a href="">American India Foundation</a> (AIF) is to catalyze social and economic change in India. AIF mobilizes resources in the United States and India and invests these to improve education, livelihoods and public health for the marginalized in India “As someone passionate about using technology to make an impact in the world, I am glad to have the opportunity this year to contribute to AIF's success as part of the board.”

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