'Amazing Spider-Man' Cover Art Created By Kid Who Wanted To Exchange His PS3 Game

12/10/2012 08:06 pm ET

"This masterpiece will never be altered!" wrote Reddit user RelaXss about the one-of-a-kind "Amazing Spider-man" PS3 case he received. See the full image below. "Some kid brought this into GameStop to trade in, worried we wouldn't take it without the cover art, so he drew his own."

The image was posted to Reddit on Monday afternoon and by the evening, had nearly 1,000 comments from Redditors who were equally amused and touched by the efforts of the young "Spider-man" fan.

However, not everyone was impressed by the adorable artwork. "The fact that the spider only has 6 legs bothers me more than it should," user protopanic admitted. Ouch.


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