12/10/2012 05:46 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

Rachel Kramer Bussel: I Binge Eat As 'A Way To Not Have To Think About Anything' (VIDEO)

Rachel Kramer Bussel came on HuffPost Live to discuss her binge eating habits with host Nancy Redd. Bussel said she doesn't think of herself as a binge eater necessarily, but also can not control what she is eating.

"I don't necessarily set out to binge eat," she said, acknowledging an element of denial. "The food becomes a way to not have to think about anything, even the act of eating. For me, there reaches a point where I'm not even really tasting what I'm eating and I don't want to know how much I'm eating."

Bussel said the tough part was settling back to reality when the food is gone.

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