12/10/2012 04:25 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Funny Christmas Decorations: Check Your Bauballs Ornament Raises Testicular Cancer Awareness

Check Your Bauballs

As you're trimming the tree this year, why not give it some character and adorn it with a shiny pair of Bauballs? And yes, this ornament is exactly what you're thinking it is.

Ad agency Fallon has teamed up with Orchid, a center for men's cancer research and awareness, to create an ornament that will keep these male parts in everyone's mind this holiday season. And if the ornament itself isn't enough, the site also includes animated graphics to demonstrate how to properly check yourself (and someone else) for testicular cancer.

While this might not be the most G-rated decor out there, the proceeds go to a good cause. Plus, everyone's always looking for a good conversation starter during the holidays -- and although it might not be the conversation you're looking for, it'll definitely give you something to chat about.

Visit Check Your Bauballs for more information and to find out how to grab a pair.

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