12/10/2012 01:25 pm ET | Updated Dec 11, 2012

Lea Michele's Breasts Are Her 'Prizewinners': 15 Other Celebrities Who Love Their Chests (PHOTOS)

In the January issue of Marie Claire magazine, Lea Michele discusses her adoration of breasts -- well actually, her obsession with her own.

“These babies are great," the "Glee" star joked, pointing to her chest, according to the magazine. "They are my prizewinners."

"For a while they were out and about, showing off on Broadway every night, then they came to L.A. and were like, ‘No one else looks like me here!’" Michele continued. "They were nervous to make their appearance but feel they’ve earned their place. So they asked if they could come out, and I was like, ‘All right, you guys.’ They definitely rose to the occasion, so I’m going to continue to give them more opportunities.”

But let's be honest, Michele isn't the only star who embraces her 'girls.'

From Britney Spears to Dolly Parton, here are 16 celebrities who are in love with their chests.

Stars Who Are Obsessed With Their Breasts