12/10/2012 01:51 pm ET

Little Fear Leads Buccaneers Cheerleaders In 'Gangnam Style' Dance During Game Against Falcons (VIDEO)

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers slipping out of the NFC playoff picture, a young dancer who goes by the name "Little Fear" could become the best reason to keep watching.

Christian, dubbed "Little Fear" in deference to the Bucs' mascot "Capt. Fear," has been leading the Tampa Bay cheerleading crew in renditions of "Gangnam Style" this season.

In the version above from the Bucs' Week 6 loss to the Falcons, Little Fear led the squad in a performance of the viral hit by Psy before busting into some "Dougie" for good measure. His moves and emphatic jacket toss looked pretty professional, which is more than Captain Fear can say for his botched attempt at a fist-pump.

For more of Litte Fear and the Bucs cheerleading squad, here is another take on "Gangnam" back in Septemeber.

Tampa Bay's cheerleaders have been doing "Gangnam Style" all season. Here is a pretty funny music video released back in September with Captain Fear leading the way.