Stolen Porsche Headlights In Amsterdam Reportedly Being Used To Grow Marijuana

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After a rash of recent thefts in Amsterdam, many are questioning whether there is a specific reason why thieves are only stealing Porsche headlights, rather than other parts of the vehicle.

One explanation is that marijuana growers are targeting Porsches for their distinctive high-intensity discharge xenon lamps, or HID headlights, which could provide what AutoBlog calls "ideal lighting solutions" for growing the plant indoors. The energy-efficient headlights are attractive lighting options for marijuana growers since they have the ability the give off high heat while using little power.

According to the Guardian, 35 headlights have been reported stolen from Cayenne and Panamera models in Amsterdam in recent months. In a video released last month (see above), a man is seen sneaking into a Dutch Porsche owner's yard, quickly disassembling both front headlights and making off with the parts.

While Porsche headlights are not the only xenon lamps being stolen in Amsterdam, they be may targeted because of the ease of theft. In October, a Florida Circuit Court judge granted hundreds of Porsche owners class action in a lawsuit alleging the headlights are too easy to steal.

Under The Netherlands' Opium Act, the cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Amsterdam, even if selling it in cannabis coffee shops isn't.

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