12/10/2012 01:50 pm ET

'This Is 40' Red Band Trailer Features A Few Deleted Scenes (VIDEO)

"This Is 40," Judd Apatow's caustic, hilarious and heartwarming tale of love and marriage, runs 134 minutes, but that's only because Apatow cut an additional 82 minutes (!) from its original running time.

“When I first showed this to my friends to get some reaction, it was three hours and 36 minutes, and then slowly like a game of Jenga, you pull things out and see if you've ruined the movie,” Apatow told the Chicago Tribune. To accomplish the cutting, Apatow used three editors: David L. Bertman ("Undeclared"), Jay Deuby ("Cyrus") and Brent White, who worked on Apatow's three other feature films ("The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Knocked Up" and "Funny People"). Wondering what those 82 discarded minutes included? Check out the new red-band trailer above, which features three scenes not in the finished "This Is 40."

The first is the scene where Rudd's Pete embarrasses his daughter (played by Apatow's daughter, Maude) while she's video chatting; the second is the scene where Rudd and Robert Smigel discuss Viagra (that moment occurs in the film, but in a slightly different location); and the third is when Rudd and Leslie Mann joke about what to do with his Viagra'd up appendage.

"This Is 40" is out in theaters on Dec. 21. Watch the NSFW clip above to get an early sense at what some of the bonus features on the DVD might look like.

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'This Is 40' Stills
'This Is 40' Stills