12/10/2012 12:19 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Uptown Sexual Assault: Jason Gurneau Collared By Police After Witness Thwarts His Getaway

Thanks to a fast-acting "Good Samaritan" neighbor, police have collared a man suspected of committing a sexual assault early Monday morning on Chicago's North Side.

Jason Gurneau, 32, was arrested in the 4400 block of North Sheridan about 1:40 a.m. after police quickly responded to a call about a sexual assault in progress, according to NBC Chicago.

Neighbor Tom Schabow had just returned home from work when he heard what he described to the Sun-Times as "muffled cries for help" from outside the window. When Schabow investigated, he said he saw a man look up when he called out, prompting Schabow to dial 911 and call to his roommate to come downstairs as well.

(See a previous mugshot of the suspect, Jason Gurneau.)

Gurneau allegedly ignored police when they told him to halt after arriving on the scene shortly following Schabow's call. Schabow told the Sun-Times "I was in one fight, and that was in T-ball," but nevertheless hurled himself on to the suspect as he tried to escape on bicycle. Police quickly subdued Gurneau as soon as he was off the bicycle and charged him with sexual assault, robbery, aggravated battery charges and two counts of resisting a police officer.

The 33-year-old woman attacked in the incident had reportedly just moved to Uptown, according to the neighborhood blog Uptown Update. Described by friends as "an amazing woman" who would never hurt anyone, Uptown Update said she was attacked outside her own home as she opened the security gate to her building. She was taken to Illinois Masonic with extensive bruising to her head and neck, reports CBS Chicago.

Gurneau, of the 1000 block of West Lawrence, is a reported gang member; Uptown Update detailed his extensive history of convictions on its site, which included a 2009 arrest for impersonating a police officer.