'I Didn't Do It': Man Spent 27 Years In Jail, Brother Became Cop To Help Clear His Name (VIDEO)

12/11/2012 07:39 am ET | Updated Dec 11, 2012

William Dillon was accused of beating a man to death on a Florida beach in 1981. "I Didn't Do It" told his story, as well as that of his brother Joe, who spent years working to clear his brother's name. Joe became a police officer while William was in jail.

Joe started digging through the evidence in the case, discovering that much of it didn’t add up. William had been convicted based almost solely on the fact that a tracking dog had allegedly picked up his scent on the victim.

Michael Pirolo, an assistant public defender, said, "How can they put someone’s life in the hands of a dog? ... We’re talking someone’s life."

But that's just what happened. It took 27 years and advancements in DNA technology, but finally William was cleared of any involvement with the murder. And now that it turns out they didn't have the right guy after all, a new investigation has started with new suspects.

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