By now, you've certainly heard about plenty quick-and-easy ways to de-stress in a minute or less, free ways to de-stress and simple ways to de-stress during the workday.

But what if you really want to treat yourself to some serious relaxation? We've compiled some of our favorite luxurious ways to unwind in the slideshow below. And hey, even if these aren't in the budget, daydreaming can be de-stressing, too. What would you add to the list?

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  • Spend A Day At The Spa

    If your usual routine is just a mani/pedi, invest in a few additional treatments that you really love. Maybe it's a facial -- or a massage with <a href="">oils infused with diamonds</a>.

  • Get A Four-Hand Massage

    Speaking of massages: It's no secret that a rubdown can ease your mind (<a href="">and your muscles!</a>). Massages really do lower stress <a href="">at the chemical level in the body</a>. Really indulge with a <a href="">four-hands massage</a>, where two therapists work on your tight muscles at the same time.

  • Curl Up In Cashmere

    Staying warm and cozy at home feels even better in a luxurious robe.

  • Get Personal

    <a href="">Regular exercise</a> of any type can do your stress levels a favor, but yoga in particular is a relaxing way to incorporate stress-busting physical activity into your day. Reap the benefits with a private class with your favorite instructor, or have an additional instructor devote 100 percent of her attention to you during a group class. He or she can provide supported assists and partner stretching throughout the class.

  • Hire A Personal Chef For The Night

    Stop stressing about what's in the fridge. Instead, leave dinner to your very own personal chef. A number of top-notch cooks offer services that include everything from grocery shopping to dish washing -- all in the comfort of your own home. Find one near you with sites like <a href=""></a>.

  • Give Back

    Nearly three-quarters of <a href="">people who volunteer say that giving back helps them relax</a>. Find a cause you care about, and donate generously. <a href="">Tax deductible</a>!

  • Get Away

    There's probably nothing more decadent than a last-minute weekend getaway to escape the stressors of the week. Try a cozy bed and breakfast in a state you've never visited before, or a chic hotel in a big city you love. And if you can swing it, leave the work laptop at home!

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