12/11/2012 01:47 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

Jordan Hembrough, Travel Channel's 'Toy Hunter,' Reveals If Your Vintage Toys Are Worth Anything (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Have you ever wondered how much your old dolls are worth? Well, they could bring in big bucks according to Travel Channel’s “Toy Hunter” Jordan Hembrough.

Hembrough appeared on “Good Morning America” giving inside scoop to just how much our old action figures, dolls and even Furbies are worth.

He started off with the furry little toy that stole our hearts back in 1998. And even though you can still buy one today (now they are smartphone-friendly), if you have an old one it might be worth anywhere from $75-100. Not surprisingly, Star Wars action figures and Holiday Barbies are highly collectible -- each possibly worth $100 or more, depending on year and condition.

ABC also put on their website Hembrough’s tips on how to collect and protect your children’s toys for the future. Some good advice includes: avoid storing them in extreme hot, cold or damp environments, monitor how your kids play with their toys and keep goods out of direct sunlight.

Watch the clip above to see Hembrough on “Good Morning America” and head over to ABC for more information.

Also, click through our slideshow to see some other items in your home that may be worth a lot of money.


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