12/12/2012 07:49 am ET | Updated Dec 15, 2016

Holiday Punch Recipes That'll Make You Fall Absolutely Drunk In Love

There's something about punch. A boozy mixture, served up in a big glass bowl, is inviting to say the least. That bowl of booze placed delicately on a table makes you feel like you're at the right party. It makes you want to pretend, if only for a moment, you're at a '50s high school dance and one of the renegade kids brought in a little something to spike the bowl with.

A good holiday punch recipe can mean the difference between an "eh" party and a spectacular one. You'll be in good hands with these delights below. There are sparkling punch recipes, fruity punch recipes and even twists on the classic holiday eggnog that'll have all of your guests raving.

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