12/12/2012 03:12 pm ET

Michigan 'Right To Work' Law Blasted By Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero: 'We're Back To The Politics Of 50 Years Ago' (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed the so-called "right-to-work" legislation into law, sparking giant protests in the capitol of Lansing. Lansing Mayor Virg Berner led the angry outcry, telling HuffPost Live host Alicia Mendendez on Wednesday about how Republicans rammed the bill through the legislature.

"They did no public hearing, they did they best they could to shut up any public input in to the progress," Mayor Bernero said. "We're back to the politics of 50 years ago."

The mayor also discussed the public portrayal of the labor battle and how major corporations and media have shifted the goalposts, claiming that Republicans have "turned 'protectionism' into a bad word."

"why not a little protection for the American worker?" he asked.

Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live.


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