The Golden Globes incite a variety of reactions from the nominees. From the sleeping to the grateful, many TV stars shared their feelings about the honor.

Showtime cleaned up in the nominations with "Homeland" picking up three nominations in the acting categories and one for Best Drama Series. Matt LeBlanc and Don Cheadle were also nominated for their Showtime comedies.

In a somewhat unusual twist, NBC's "Smash" will go up against comedies "Modern Family," "Episodes," "The Big Bang Theory" and "Girls" in the Best Comedy or Musical Series category.

Take a gander at the reactions of some of TV's biggest names below.

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  • Matt LeBlanc, "Episodes"

    "It’s an incredible honor to be nominated again for a show that I am so proud to be a part of. And I am thrilled that the show has been recognized as well because everyone involved works so hard. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press."

  • Steven Spielberg, Katharine McPhee & Megan Hilty, "Smash"

    "Everyone who is involved with 'Smash,' whether on the outskirts or at the epicenter, is thrilled and dancing in the aisles this morning on this wonderful news," Steven Spielberg, executive producer of "Smash," said in a statement. "I'm absolutely thrilled to be in such wonderful company and to be honored by the HFPA," Katharine McPhee said. "Seeing our show in that company is thrilling and amazing," Megan Hilty said.

  • Don Cheadle, "House of Lies"

    "I'm over the moon for the nom. This is a great show and a great cast and this is a recognition of all of us ... But mostly me."

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "Veep"

    "I can't wait to see Daniel Day Lewis. I'm wondering if he'll still be in character as Lincoln." [<a href="">via AP</a>]

  • Max Greenfield, "New Girl"

    "This is a good way to wake up." [<a href="">via AP</a>]

  • Julianne Moore, "Game Change"

    "I'm in a van on my way to Queens to do `30 Rock.' I heard the news this morning right before yoga. I was just about to shut off my phone. Unfortunately, I knew the nominations were being announced, so I was worried." [<a href="">via AP</a>]

  • Executive Producer Alex Gansa, "Homeland"

    "On behalf of the entire 'Homeland' team, we want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing us again this year. We also want to congratulate our fellow nominees; it's an honor to be in such good company.

  • Damian Lewis, "Homeland"

    "Just so happy to have a really good reason to stop Christmas shopping for a day. Opening a bottle immediately to celebrate my Golden Globe nomination for 'Homeland.' I'm thrilled that Claire and Mandy were also nominated for their performances, and look forward to celebrating with the whole cast in Los Angeles in January. Thank you HFPA!" [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Nicole Kidman, "Hemingway & Gelhorn"

    "As an actor you look for roles that are rich, complicated, and that stretch you and this year I was blessed to find two. To have the chance to play them was a gift in itself and to then be acknowledged this way is icing on the cake. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press!" [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Sofia Vergara, "Modern Family"

    "This is such an exciting week! I'm so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this nomination. There's no one more fun to play then Gloria and I feel lucky every day I get to be on set with m 'Modern Family.' I'm so happy for Eric and of course the rest of my cast for our nomination." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Clive Owen, "Hemingway & Gelhorn"

    "I'd like to say a big thank you to The Hollywood Foreign Press. I am really thrilled as this recognition is for a piece of work I'm very proud of and had such a good time on." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Glenn Close, "Damages"

    "'Damages' was one of the greatest adventures of my career. I am deeply grateful to The Hollywood Foreign Press for their recognition of my work in our final season. I represent our entire 'Damages' team in thanking them for their support over the past five years. Patty Hewes was the inspiration of a brilliant team of writers, honed by her interactions with a remarkable roster of guest stars. I couldn’t have had a better partner in the exquisite Rose Byrne. The relationship of Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons is unique storytelling. Their journey resulted in what I think is a great modern American tragedy that will stand the test of time." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Lena Dunham, "Girls"

    "This is an incredible honor and the most wonderful ending to an amazing year. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. I'm thrilled to share this with our amazing cast and crew." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Steve Buscemi, "Boardwalke Empire"

    "I'm so grateful to be able to play Nucky, it never gets old." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Sigourney Weaver, "Political Animals"

    "What a great day for all of us on Political Animals! My heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this significant recognition of everyone's work. I am especially delighted for Greg Berlanti and USA. I am blown away personally to be nominated for my work as the beguiling and indomitable Elaine Barish Hammond. Hooray and thank you so much!" [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Jessica Lange, "American Horror Story: Asylum"

    "It is an honor to be nominated for 'American Horror Story: Asylum.' Ryan Murphy has again created a challenging character for me to play and it is a privilege to work with such a talented group of actors on this one-of-a kind show. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this nomination." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Mandy Patinkin, "Homeland"

    "I am thrilled to be a part of this company. Working on 'Homeland' has been one of the joys of my life. We have such gifted writers -- I have to pinch myself every day that I get to be a part of this company. Still -- the real big news we are all waiting for is Claire's baby. When I get that call, the fireworks will really start." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

  • Aaron Sorkin, "The Newsroom"

    "The cast, crew and staff of 'The Newsroom' are humbled to be in such elite company and we look forward to dramatizing this nomination a year and a half from now." [<a href="">via ET</a>]

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