It's safe to say that 2012 has been the year of Taylor Swift. The pop singer has recorded a number-one album (which just went triple platinum this week), won a truckload of awards, topped countless best-dressed lists and dated some of young Hollywood's most eligible bachelors -- namely, a certain curly-haired British boy band member.

Directioners, we know that some of you aren't too happy about the recent pairing of "Haylor." But hear us out: No matter who she's dating, we still think that Taylor is one of the coolest female celebs, well, ever. In honor of the "Red" singer's 23rd birthday, we put together a list of the things we love most about the singer, from her inspiring lyrics to her adoration for her cat, Meredith. Click through the slideshow below for 23 reasons you should be #TeamTaylor.

What do you love most about Taylor Swift? Is there anything you'd add to the list? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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  • She Loves Her Fans

    No matter how busy she is, Taylor <a href="">always takes the time</a> to sign autographs and snap photos with her fans.

  • She's A Teen At Heart

    Does any musician capture the feeling of being a teenager quite like Taylor Swift? Her songs <a href="">perfectly describe</a> the ups and downs of high school life, from first dates to football games.

  • She's Proud To Be Herself

    Taylor often speaks out, in both her songs and in interviews, about being proud to be different. Songs like "You Belong With Me" and "mean" have inspired her fans to take pride in their differences, too.

  • She's Gone Triple Platinum

    Less than a month after "Red" debuted, the album has<a href=""> sold 3 million copies.</a> Happy birthday to Taylor!

  • She's A Good Role Model

    In all the time she's been in the spotlight, Taylor has always acted with dignity and class. She stays away from sex tapes, nude photo scandals and is never seen drinking or doing drugs.

  • She Writes Her Own Songs

    And they become the soundtrack of our lives.

  • She Gives Back

    Taylor recently <a href="">donated $4 million</a> to the Country Music Hall of Fame, which will be used to fund a new education center being built in her name. She's also donated to the Alabama charity Nick's Kids and Soles4Souls, among others.

  • She's Got Awesome Besties

    Taylor's group of friends says a lot about how awesome she is: The singer likes to hang out with some of our favorite celebs, from Selena Gomez to Ed Sheeran to Emma Stone. Just last week, Swift <a href="">introduced</a> new love interest Harry Styles to Stone at a mutual friends' birthday party in NYC!

  • She Has Great Style

    Taylor's fashion sense has gradually evolved from sweet, girl-next-door styles to elegant, retro-inspired dresses and accessories. We always love looking out for her on the red carpet!

  • She's Made History

    Among numerous other records she's set, Taylor Swift has sold <a href="">over 20 MILLION albums</a>, which is more than any other artist in the past decade.

  • Her Facial Expressions

    We love watching Taylor at awards shows -- the expressions of pure joy and excitement on her face are so infectious that we can't help but smile.

  • Her Twitter Is AWESOME

    We love following @taylorswift13 for fun updates, cute observations and <a href="!/taylorswift13/media/slideshow?">adorable photos of her cat</a>.

  • She Loves Her Cat

    Taylor isn't shy about her adoration for her cat, Meredith (whose name, fans pointed out, coincidentally contains the word "Red"). She recently <a href="!/taylorswift13/media/slideshow?">tweeted</a> this photo of her feline friend along with the caption, "Starting the morning. Meredith is silently judging me. Lovingly, I hope."

  • She's A Super Awkward Dancer

    As proved by an Ellen Degeneres <a href="">"Dance Dare" challenge </a>with Zac Efron. Just watch Taylor shimmying up behind Betty White and try not to fall in a little bit in love with her.

  • She's A Romantic

    Taylor has written love songs that have made teenagers (and teens at heart) doodle lyrics in their notebooks while dreaming about the object of their affection. We love that no matter what challenges she faces or what stands in her way, she still believes that life <a href="">can be like a fairy tale</a>.

  • She's A Novelist & Poet

    In fourth grade, the singer won a national competition for her poem "Monster In My Closet." And at the age of 12, she wrote her own novel. The singer is also planning an <a href="">autobiography</a>.

  • She Wrote The Best Song About Bullying Ever

    It's thought that Taylor Swift wrote the song "Mean" about a critic who kept giving her bad reviews, but the song quickly took on a life of its own and became a full-fledged <a href="">cultural phenomenon</a>. "Mean" is now one of the biggest anti-bullying anthems out there.

  • She's A Country Girl

    Taylor's self-titled 2006 album contains a song called "Tim McGraw" professing her love for the country star. Although Taylor's gone in a more pop direction with her recent albums, she still stays true to her country roots -- and she's made <a href="">country music history</a> with her number-one hits.

  • She Dreams Big

    "I love having a goal, feeling like I'm on a mission," <a href="">Swift said in an interview with Marie Claire</a>. "I love trying to beat what I've done so far." And <em>we</em> love that Taylor never stops dreaming big -- and making her dreams come true.

  • But She Stays Grounded

    Taylor hasn't let fame get to her head -- she still remembers what's most important to her and puts that first. She said in an <a href="">interview with Dolly Magazine</a>: “I’ve always just figured that life will be much more enjoyable if I stick to what I love. I love music. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my fans. I love dresses and winter and cooking. I don’t necessarily love going out into noisy bars, so I don’t do it.”

  • She Always Cheers Us Up

  • She's Half Of Haylor

    After seeing these <a href="">adorable photos</a> of the pair together feeding birds in England's Lake District, we couldn't help but be charmed. Although we can already imagine the breakup song Taylor will write about Styles, we've been won over by the union of two of our favorite pop stars.

  • She's Just The Best

    What else is there to say?