12/14/2012 07:32 am ET

Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Leads Lifetime To Show Viewers 'Secrets of The Royal Nursery' (VIDEO)

Capitalizing on the interest surrounding Kate Middleton's pregnancy, Lifetime took a look deeper into their world with the special "Secrets of the Royal Nursery." In the special, viewers got a look at St. Mary's Lindo Wing, the hospital where William's mother, Princess Diana, gave birth.

The room was polished and looked ready to go again, should the royal couple choose to follow quite literally in Diana's footsteps.

The manager of the Lindo Wing, Tracey Howsen, talked about how they go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable experience. "With these deluxe rooms, we can create an environment or a space that you can put your own stamp on," she said. "We’ve had linen made, monogrammed if you wish. If you want your own chef, if you want particular food, if you want your security facilitated. If you have your own staff, whatever you want."

It can cost up to $20,000 to have a baby in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's hospital, but William and Kate haven't made any decisions just yet. Kate has reportedly been seeing an obstetrician at the Portland near London's Regent Park, another posh hospital.

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2012 Renewal Index: Canceled, Safe and on the Bubble Shows