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Parents React To The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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Typically, on Fridays at HuffPost Parents, we round up tweets about parenting. They are often funny quotes from kids and sound bites about raising them. But today, we just want to hug our children and that sentiment has echoed around the web. So, this week's tweets are different. Here is just a sampling of the emotional reactions from moms and dads that reflect what we are feeling in the wake of an elementary school shooting.

"PICK ALL THE FIGHTS!" ~what my brain is yelling at me right now. "Go get the kids." ~what my heart is murmuring.

devon corneal
I will not pick my son up early from school. I will not pick my son up early from school.

Francesca Annis
I'm avoiding social media the rest of the day. My heart is shredded by today. I'm taking the 7yo out for ice cream after school.

Doug Reilly
Picking up my 9YO from school today was shockingly hard. Sadness, anger, and also reason, screaming for us to talk about

Amanda Magee
It is going to become more and more clear that keeping our children safe means changing the world. It can and has to be done.

I've been crying off and on all day now! I've got a 5yo in kindergarten. It could've happened anywhere.

I see many posts on how to talk to children about the tragedy. I'd appreciate one on how to talk to adults about it because I'm at a loss.

Jen Braico
7yo: "It should be impossible for people to get guns." No kidding.

Ted Adams
I can't believe anyone believes the solution to this problem is more guns. I'm going to enjoy my weekend w/my kid & hope common sense wins.

Time feels like it is dragging as I wait for my elementary kid at the bus stop. Many moms after today won't get to do that, ..ever

Katherine Stone
About to pick my kids up at bus stop. I will not sob over them. I will not. I will not cry all over my children. Drawing up strength.

Rhiana Maidenberg
I have nothing snarky to say about parenting today. I just want to hug my kids.

miss james
my heart goes out to the children, teachers and families in connecticut today. what a terrible horrific tragedy. holding my own extra close.

Charlie N Andy
Bear hug your kids extra tight today. -Charlie & Andy

Jason Kottke
Off to see my kids to give them all of the hugs.

Liz Gumbinner
Thanks for making me not feel so alone in this.

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