Aurora Shooting Victim: I Thought We Were Going To Get Somewhere, All We Got Was Silence

12/15/2012 10:08 am ET | Updated Feb 14, 2013

Steve Barton, an Aurora shooting survivor, joined HuffPost Live to discuss the shooting Friday at a Connecticut elementary school and the need for a plan to stop gun violence. Barton, who grew up 15 minutes from Newtown, Connecticut, and was shot in the face and neck in the Aurora shooting, believed that more would be done to curb gun violence after Aurora. He told hosts Jacob Soboroff and Alyona Minkovski "I thought we were going to get somewhere after what happened in Aurora and frankly, all we got was silence."

"It's unbelievable for me to imagine a world," Barton continued, "where 20 children have been killed and we're not going to have any conversation at all about the tool that was used to kill them."