12/18/2012 03:07 pm ET

Briana McCarthy On Dealing With New Family: 'Holidays Were Very Tough At First' (VIDEO)

For new couples, choosing a side to spend the holidays with can lead to a lifetime of tension. How do you choose? Briana McCarthy talked with HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps about the touchy issue of which family to spend the holidays with after getting married, saying "holidays were very tough at first." With her large extended family, and her husband's much smaller one, they had very different expectations for the holidays.

"There was this tension for the first, maybe, three years of our marriage," McCarthy said. "It didn't end until we bought our own home and started our own traditions."

Now McCarthy invites both sides of the family to join her and her husband.

"As opposed to being a part of their tradition, they become a part of ours," she said.

Also joining the discussion were Susan Noble, Stephen Fried, Marsha Lucas, and Patrick Sauer.

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