Is there a "Most Patient Neighbor" award? This guy should win it.

After waking up to urine stains and a neighbor's wallet in his home, this citizen wrote a surprisingly friendly letter.

According to Deadspin:

A night out in Wilmington, N.C., can do this to you. Frank was out at a bar, got very, very drunk, and as he tends to do, donned his superhero disguise. ("He likes to take his shirt off at bars when he gets hammered," says a friend who sent along a shirtless pic, but asked that we not run it.) He took a taxi home, wearing his shirt-cape the entire way, but accidentally entered the wrong townhouse. Once there, he ran around in circles pretending to fly.

While flight is not among SuperFrank's powers, passing out and peeing on the couch apparently is. In the morning, after staggering back to his house, Frank received this friendly note under his door.

That could have gone a whole lot worse.


Via Blame It on the Voices

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