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Satis Bluetooth Toilet: Japan's Lixil Creates A Commode That Can Be Totally Controlled Via Smartphone

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You've heard of a smartphone? Now meet the Genius Toilet.

Once again proving that Japan knows how to pamper a fanny like no other nation, the Japanese company Lixil has released its latest luxury toilet, a model called the "Satis" that can be flushed, cleaned and adjusted via smartphone.

How does the Satis do it? Well, first, the lucky owner of a Lixil Satis needs to download a special app in the Google Play Store and then connect his or her smartphone via Bluetooth to the toilet. Once paired, the app features controls to flush, clean, raise, lower or heat the toilet seat, or choose music to play through the toilet's built-in speakers.

Yes, the Satis toilet has built-in speakers.

Below, you can watch a video demo of all Lixil's accommodating commode has to offer the discerning toilet-user:

Video via

Blog Japan Trends says the Satis toilet will be available starting in February of next year (just in time for Valentine's Day, presumably). For now, the app is available only in the Google Play Store, which means that Android phone owners can reap the benefits of flushing via Bluetooth but iPhone owners can't.

You can visit the official website of Lixil's wundertoilet here.

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