12/19/2012 03:57 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

Katie Couric Surprises Audience With Holiday Giveaway (VIDEO)

Katie Couric's studio audience recently received a huge surprise.

They got to be part of Couric's holiday giveaway. The show assembled an audience full of women from communities hit by Hurricane Sandy. They were expecting to hear about how to start over in the New Year, only to discover why they were really there.

"Surprise!" Couric exclaimed. "Today is all about the things we like to give and the things we love to get, and it's all for you." Google Chromebooks, Amazon Kindles and $500 gift cards were just some of the gifts she showered on her audience members.

Jaws dropped and tears flowed. People jumped up and down, and shrieked in delight. It was a beautiful thing, people.


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