It's the end of the year, and even the art of the prank won't escape a year-end round-up. The guys over at Fail Army (worst army ever) have compiled the top 10 pranks of the year. Why not tearfully reminisce about all the pranks you pulled this year, and the beautiful ones that will occur in the year ahead?

(via BIOTV)

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  • YellowBook Room

    Some new decorations.

  • Refrigerator Intruder

    It's probably best if you don't try this at a home.

  • Hot Sauce

    That is some pretty strong stuff.

  • Unhinged Door

    Always open your door carefully.

  • Robbery Prank

    He thought he was about to be robbed and brutally murdered.

  • Buttered Floor

    He probably shut the door more quietly after this.

  • Rope Prank

    They were stuck for 18 days.

  • Cups Of Water

    They definitely rationed and drank all this water over the next few weeks so as not to waste any.

  • Tin Foil Prank

    A shiny new decor.