12/20/2012 01:46 pm ET

Obama Gun Stimulus: Twitter Users Attribute Surging Gun Sales To Potential Gun Control Reform

According to some, President Obama's speech Wednesday wasn't just a call to re-examine gun control laws, it was the announcement of a new stimulus package.

That's how some Twitter users have interpreted the impact President Obama's recent call for gun control reform has had on gun sales. Fearing the new laws, customers have put such a dent in dealers' supplies in the wake of the Newtown school shooting that many firearms enthusiasts have taken to Twitter, often calling the frenzy "the Obama gun stimulus," as first reported by Twitchy. Others have even hailed the President as the "2012 gun industry man of the year."

Indeed, Walmart has reportedly sold out of semi-automatic weapons in five states. Even so, this isn't the first time Obama has been ironically hailed as hero by supporters of the gun industry. Back in February, gun retailer called Obama the "greatest gun salesman in America" due to his administration's "perceived hostility towards gun owners."

Here's some of the Twitter reaction to the so-called "Obama gun stimulus":

'Obama Gun Stimulus' Twitter Reactions
'Obama Gun Stimulus' Twitter Reactions