From plane crashes to pacemaker hacking, TV characters met their fates in a variety of ways in 2012.

There were also zombie attacks, labor problems, murders, staking, suicide, deaths that led to supernatural rebirths, and lest we forget "American Horror Story: Asylum's" strangulation with rosary beads.

Take a look back at the dearly departed characters who went to the great beyond in 2012 in the slideshow below.

See somebody missing? Tell us in the comments. And just to be clear: SPOILER WARNING.

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  • Lori, "The Walking Dead"

    Sarah Wayne Callies

  • Alaric, "The Vampire Diaries"

    Matt Davis

  • Lexie, "Grey's Anatomy"

    Chyler Leigh

  • Lane Pryce, "Mad Men"

    Jared Harris

  • Karen McCluskey, "Desperate Housewives"

    Kathryn Joosten

  • Bart Bass, "Gossip Girl"

    John Burke

  • Sammy, "Revenge"

  • Roman, "True Blood"

    Christopher Meloni

  • Collen, "30 Rock"

    Elaine Stritch

  • Gyp, "Boardwalk Empire"

    Bobby Cannavale

  • Vice President William Walden, "Homeland"

    Jamey Sheridan

  • Etta, "Fringe"

    Georgina Haig

  • Mike, "Breaking Bad"

    Jonathan Banks

  • Elena, "The Vampire Diaries"

    Nina Dobrev

  • Shane, "The Walking Dead"

    Jon Bernthal

  • Lucretia, "Spartacus"

    Lucy Lawless

  • Mark, "Grey's Anatomy"

    Eric Dane

  • Abu Nazir, "Homeland"

    Navid Negahban

  • Shelley, "American Horror Story: Asylum"

    Chloe Sevigny

  • T-Dog, "The Walking Dead"

    IronE Singleton

  • Maya, "Pretty Little Liars"

    Bianca Lawson

  • Opie, "Sons of Anarchy"

    Ryan Hurst

  • Liz, "Louie"

    Parker Posey

  • Bill, "True Blood"*

    Stephen Moyer *Died, but reborn. Billith, y'all.

  • Maria LaGuerta, "Dexter"

    Lauren Velez

  • Owen, "Boardwalk Empire"

    Charlie Cox

  • Wendy, "American Horror Story: Asylum"

    Clea Duvall

  • Mike, "Desperate Housewives"

    James Denton

  • Garrett, "Pretty Little Liars"

    Yani Gellman

  • Lavinia, "Downton Abbey"

    Zoe Boyle

  • Russell, "True Blood"

    Denis O'Hare

  • Lily Bell, "Hell on Wheels"

    Dominique McElligott

  • Bobby, "Supernatural"

    Jim Beaver

  • Amy & Rory, "Doctor Who"*

    Arthur Darvill & Karen Gillan While they didn't depart the Doctor through death, they are dead in the current "Doctor Who" timeline.

  • Dale, "The Walking Dead"

    Jeffrey DeMunn

  • Grace, "American Horror Story: Asylum"*

    Lizzie Brochere *Technically, she did die, however ...

  • Isaak Sirko, "Dexter"

    Ray Stevenson

  • Vera Bates, "Downton Abbey"

    Maria Doyle Kennedy

  • David Estes, "Homeland"

    David Harewood

  • Renly Baratheon, "Game Of Thrones"

    Gethin Anthony

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