12/21/2012 07:57 am ET

7 Common Chain Restaurant Dishes We Love, That Have Been Ruined

We love a lot of foods. We love going out to restaurants (including chains!). We don't love when we repeatedly see restaurants serve watered-down versions of beloved dishes that don't get the attention from the chef they deserve.

We understand. Chain restaurants aren't necessarily out to make the best food you've ever tasted. Rather, their goal is to offer consistency -- dishes that will taste the same at a location in Muncie, Indiana as it does at an outpost in Los Angeles, California. It may be quality control at its finest, but that doesn't mean we don't cry a little inside when we see another wan attempt at making a good pasta sauce.

Here are what we think are seven of the worst offenders when it comes to beloved dishes that have been repeatedly ruined (we've refrained from naming names):

Dishes We Loved That Have Been Ruined