Sometimes you have to cut your losses and realize you can't trust anyone, not even your friends. This poor gentleman learned that the hard way... literally.

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  • Simon Cowell Doesn't Need Another Ego Boost

  • Oh, Honey, No.

    In her defense, she's not the only one to <a href="" target="_hplink">conflate the two</a>.

  • Just Throw Them Up There

    Take that, neighbors who wasted hundreds of lights and hours of manpower creating dubstep-synced light displays.

  • NSFW X-Mas Decor

    For an extra dollar you can get that voyeuristic toy in the background.

  • But That's Worse Than Coal!

    Maybe go with the jewelry.

  • Charming Christmas Card

    It's easy to forget sometimes that we don't have a monopoly on eccentric elected officials. Case in point: <a href="" target="_hplink">Mayor Jorge Santini of San Juan, Puerto Rico</a>, who went a little crazy with his official card one year by taking it at the city's Wildlife Museum. Leopards and gazelles and mayors, oh my!

  • Sleep In Heavenly Pee?

    Bathroom lines must be out the door.

  • Dingle All The Way

    Copyright infringement safely, if not unnecessarily, averted!

  • Judgmental Christmas Lights

    But what are the product disclaimers REALLY trying to tell us?

  • This Isn't Halloween

    This guy took Christmas FAILS to the extreme and caused quite a scare among neighbors. No, not the guy hanging from the roof (that's a dummy), the guy who engineered this fake Christmas-light disaster only to be <a href="" target="_hplink">advised by police to take it down because it was freaking people out.</a>

  • Lazy Man's Christmas tree

    Even smells the same!

  • Umm...

    The giant, pooping elf you see to the left is actually a <a href="" target="_hplink">mega-sized version of a popular ornament called a Caganer</a> that's popular in Catalonia and other areas of Spain, Portugal and Italy.

  • Manscape The Halls

    There are some other less-desirable places on a dude's body where he could manscape a Christmas tree, so we're glad he chose this one.

  • Kids, Look Away

    This is just wrong.

  • Lonely Couple Christmas Card

    Baby Mac has his mother's eyes.

  • Not The Brightest Way To Advertise Underwear

    Would it be more or less creepy if he were looking at Santa?

  • "The Loneliest Ho In The World" For Kids

    We have so many questions.

  • Floating Christmas Tree

    Just when Christmas is perfect BAM! Here comes a devil-may-care bannister out to ruin it all. Nothing a little forceful decorating can't fix, however.

  • Half-Man, Half-Christmas Tree

    Only now does his self-described "inverted Christmas tree" beard truly make sense.

  • Flasher Santa

    That's actually Santa's cousin Ralph Claus. He's the black sheep of the family.

  • "It's Just What I Wanted!"

    Some gifts are unfortunately perfect.

  • Not So Festive Stockings

    A fun game is to think of other naughty things you could spell.

  • These Candles Really Need Cherries Under Them

    This feels like a first draft.

  • Christmas Day, Like Thanksgiving, Changes Every Year

    Will it be closed both days?

  • Santa Farting

    We really hope he's just lighting that fire.

  • If Santa Won't Give You What You Want...

    Then you have to take it to the streets.

  • Every Part Of The House Does Not Need To Be Festive

  • A Festive Christmas Cake

    Those eyes!

  • Santa, Teach Me How To Write

  • What About Mrs. Claus?

    Is she the Morton Salt girl all grown up?

  • Santa Candy Holder

    At least, we think it's a candy holder.

  • Santa Sez What?

    Some things are best left unsaid.