2012 was a great year for politics, gay rights and you know, colored jeans.

As the last month of the year comes to a halt, we're feeling a bit contemplative about all the stuff we wore this year. And let's face it, ladies: a lot of us looked the same in all the 2012 style trends: necklaces over buttoned-up collars, satchels, platform booties.

So in the name of turning over a new leaf, etc., there are a few looks that need to stay in the year of the Mayan apocalypse. Before you crack open the bubbly and Google the lyrics to "Auld Lang Syne," take a second for a requiem for these trends we'll hopefully be putting to bed in 2013.


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  • 1. Peplums

    Kim Kardashian was perhaps peplums' most famous fan in 2012, but we kind of hope she gives them the Kris Humphries send-off in 2013. Yawn.

  • 2. Sheer everything

    Two words: <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/06/ellie-goulding-wardrobe-malfunction-see-through-white-dress_n_2249540.html">wardrobe malfunction.</a>

  • 3. Gel manicures

    Sure, they last a long time. But who wants a mani you can't take off yourself on a whim?

  • 4. Half-shaved heads

    2013 will be the year of Classy Scalp Uniformity.

  • 5. Pastel hair

    Katy Perry and <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/06/christina-aguilera-pink-hair-the-voice-2012-photos_n_2081680.html">Christina Aguilera </a>were among the ombre amours this year, but this go around, we hope everyone leaves the My Little Pony hair to, well, My Little Ponies.

  • 6. Studded collars

    We get it. Everyone's afraid of your lapels. Next!

  • 7. Wedge sneakers

    They're comfy. We like comfy! Towering sneaks are just a little bit overdone at this point.

  • 8. High fashion sweatshirts

    The <a href="http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=2&designerid=1335&productid=63924">Kenzo tiger</a> and the <a href="http://www.elbowsandkneesblog.com/?tag=balenciaga-galactic-sweaters">Balenciaga galactic print</a> both kicked off hot sweatshirt-y trends this year, but as far as we're concerned, any item of clothing we're going to spend triple digits on shouldn't be able to double as gym wear.

  • 9. Neon

    Day-Glo dresses, pants, jewelry, shoes, pantsuits, bags, lipstick -- enough!

  • 10. Flatforms

    We'd rather wear stilettos than clod around in a pair of these.

  • 11. Printed pants

    Don't get us wrong, we love this look fashion-wise, BUT, we're skeptical that a pair exists that doesn't make us our thighs look like walruses balancing on their tails.

  • 12. Jumpsuits

    Petitioning the White House to allow separate tops and bottoms in 2013.

  • 13. Dark '90s lipstick

    We have a feeling goth-y lips will be a mainstay this year, but we're already a bit over the "Interview with the Vampire" beauty thang.

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