Jennifer Lopez Lawsuit Dismissed, Limo Driver's Extortion Attempt Fails

12/27/2012 11:28 am ET | Updated Jul 28, 2014

By Michael Lopez


It looks like Jennifer Lopez’ ex-limo driver got a nice gift from the judicial system this Christmas. According to TMZ, Hakob Manoukian will not have to pay the $20 million she demanded from him for extortion.

As we reported earlier, Hakob was accused of trying to sell JLo’s dirty secrets to the media. She had claimed that he wanted $2.8 million from her or else he’d spill stories about everything he’d heard driving her around town.

But a Los Angeles judge viewed the case a little differently. Manoukian had previously taken Jennifer to court for unlawful termination. It seems that she may have filed the extortion suit to try and detract from the previous case.

Of course if Hakob later does try and sell his candid JLo stories, her lawyers are more than welcome to start knocking on his door. Let’s hope for his sake, he can collect that $2.8 mill and stay far away from the limelight.

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