12/27/2012 01:09 pm ET

Sarah Silverman Defends 'Django Unchained' Use Of N-Word (VIDEO)

You've got to hand it to TMZ, they know how to make a headline happen. Stopping Sarah Silverman outside of a comedy club, the news and gossip site asked the her to weigh in on Spike Lee's criticism of the use of the n-word in Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained".

To Silverman's credit, she gave a fairly thoughtful answer to the controversy-stoking question, first noting that the setting of the film seems to warrant the use of the word, then commenting that as an artist, Spike Lee is no stranger to his work drumming up negative attention, which isn't a bad thing. "You can't tell art what to do," she explains.

Watch the clip above and let us know if you agree with Silverman's response.


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