New Year's Eve has long been a celebration of kissing, so in honor of the annual event, HuffPost TV rounded up the best TV kisses from 2012.

From Damon and Elena's very long-awaited hookup on "The Vampire Diaries" to Leslie and Ben's sweet post-engagement embrace on "Parks and Rec" to Ryan and Amber's passionate ocean makeout session on "Parenthood," we've assembled a supercut of those smooches we can't forget.

Watch the video above to see the best kisses from 2012 on TV, from the sweet to the scandalous to the sexy.

Here's to 2013 and the many more TV lip-locks to come!

Video produced by Sam Wilkes.

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  • Miles Matheson & Emma Swan ("Revolution"/"Once Upon a Time")

    Both lone wolf types, Miles and Emma are masters of repressed emotions, missing family members and wielding swords. They wouldn't do much talking under the mistletoe (or ever), but that's kind of the point.

  • Oliver Queen & Emily Thorne ("Arrow"/"Revenge")

    They're blonde, they're rich, they're rocking secret identities and their dearly departed fathers sent them on a quest for vengeance using any means necessary -- we bet Oliver and Emily would have a <em>lot</em> to talk about over a glass of eggnog.

  • Pamela Swynford De Beaufort & Kalinda Sharma ("True Blood"/"The Good Wife")

    When it comes to badass TV women, Pam and Kalinda definitely earn the title of HBIC. Whether they're locking lips or trading tips on making people disappear, we think they'd make a formidable partnership.

  • T.J. Hammond & Max Blum ("Political Animals"/"Happy Endings")

    One's a political animal, the other hibernates like a bear in the winter months -- they're a match made in heaven! Or maybe it's because Max's hunky ex, Grant, looks <em>uncannily</em> like T.J.'s brother Doug, and Max wants to work his way through T.J. to the doppelgänger. Either way, we'd watch.

  • Abed Nadir & Shoshanna Shapiro ("Community"/"Girls")

    Would this be the most awkward, fast-paced meet-cute in the world, or are these pop culture junkies MFEO? After some mulled wine, who knows?

  • Joan Holloway & Damon Salvatore ("Mad Men"/"The Vampire Diaries")

    A vixen and a vamp -- the best way to describe this potential pairing is "sexy and they know it." Their combined hotness would threaten to melt any room they walked into, but we know they wouldn't need mistletoe for an excuse to get cozy.

  • Pierce Hawthorne & Jane Forrest ("Community"/"The New Normal")

    These two are so offensive, no one else would want to spend Christmas with them, but they'd have a merry old time judging everyone else in their lives together.

  • Sherlock Holmes & Carrie Mathison ("Sherlock"/"Homeland")

    Two geniuses that society would label as totally nuts, these masters of deduction could collaborate on a wall of theories that would put the CIA to shame -- or at least have a unique perspective on Christmas decorations.

  • Mindy Lahiri & Schmidt ("The Mindy Project"/"New Girl")

    Mindy loves herself, Schmidt loves brown girls (and himself) -- who better to self-obsess with than a similarly self-absorbed partner? 'Tis the season!

  • Dana Brody & Leo Houston ("Homeland"/"Smash")

    Brody's daughter, Dana, is widely considered to be the <a href="">most</a>-<a href="">hated</a> character currently on TV, and we're pretty sure that Julia's monotone son, Leo, is a very close second. Together, they create a sucking black hole of awfulness, so whether they make out under the mistletoe or just eat the poisoned berries, we'd like them to do it far away from our screens.

  • Santana Lopez & Emily Fields ("Glee"/"Pretty Little Liars")

    Both these ladies know a little something about keeping secrets and being at the center of high school drama, so we predict they'd find plenty to gossip about under the mistletoe.

  • Tom Haverford & Penny Hartz ("Parks & Recreation"/"Happy Endings")

    Can you imagine the totes ah-mah-zing abbrevs these two could come up with after a few glasses of eggnog? The world <em>needs</em> this couple.

  • Georgina Sparks & Nolan Ross ("Gossip Girl"/"Revenge")

    We know that Nolan loves assertive women who can mastermind an elaborate scheme, and there's no woman more devious than Georgina, the scourge of the Upper East Side. With their powers combined, these two would be an unstoppable team.

  • Jack Donaghy & Sue Sylvester ("30 Rock/"Glee")

    We think these two staunch conservatives would be a perfect mistletoe match, and once Jack broke the ice with an offer to take Sue bowhunting polar bears, the pair could share their complimentary views on the importance of power and winning things.

  • Richard Castle & Temperance "Bones" Brennan ("Castle"/"Bones")

    Two crime-solving writers who gained fame by using their ass-kicking partners as literary inspiration, Bones and Castle have a lot in common. If they ever wanted to take a break from their soulmates, they could blame it on the Christmas brandy.

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