Sometimes people yell at their TVs. Sometimes the TV yells at you.

That's especially true if you watch a lot of CNBC. As the business news network struggled to keep ratings afloat this year, its personalities certainly did their best to keep people watching -- absolutely losing it at the drop of, well, basically anything.

Didn't continuously watch CNBC this year? We chronicled some of the network's most infamous moments for you, including a rather disastrous interview with The New York Times' Paul Krugman. Check it out below.

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  • Joe Kernen Calls Paul Krugman A 'Unicorn'

    <a href="">CNBC host Joe Kernen</a> told Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on Squawk Box in July that he resembles a "unicorn." <a href="">Krugman bashed the show</a> on his New York Times blog after his appearance, prompting <a href="">Kernen to demand an apology</a>. He never got one.

  • Rick Santelli Shouts, Runs Away

    <a href="">CNBC personality Rick Santelli</a> got into a shouting match with CNBC economics reporter Steve Liesman in November, yelling: Democrats "say 'fairness' and then they run to try to beat the taxman." He stormed out after his rant.

  • Joe Kernen Calls Paul Krugman A Communist

    <a href="">CNBC host Joe Kernen</a> called economists Paul Krugman and Dean Baker "co-communists" in September, while <a href="">pushing the discredited argument</a> that the Federal Reserve has caused gas and food prices to rise, which <a href="">Krugman and Baker</a> have challenged.

  • Steve Liesman Cuts Off Neil Barofsky

    <a href="">CNBC personalities</a> talked over ex-TARP watchdog Neil Barofsky while interviewing him in August. <a href="">Barofsky wrote on Twitter</a> after the episode: "Definitely got Krugmanned."

  • Jim Cramer Gets Emotional About Vikram Pandit

    <a href="">CNBC anchor Jim Cramer</a> looked shaken -- nearly on the verge of tears -- as he explained in October why Citigroup forced out then-CEO Vikram Pandit.

  • Rick Santelli Rants About Jobs Report

    <a href="">Rick Santelli yelled about the jobs report</a> in a shouting match with Steve Liesman in October. "I'm not implying anything!" he screamed as Liesman tried to ask him a question. "I'm honest! ... What else do you want? What else do you need?"

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