Craigslist Sock Model Wanted: The Weirdest (And Grossest) Ad Of The Year?

12/28/2012 03:59 pm ET | Updated Feb 27, 2013

Um, ew.

Our friends over at Hayeswire have stumbled upon perhaps the weirdest (and grossest) wanted ad of the year: a Male Sock Model.

Doesn't seem quite so disgusting at first glance, but the solicitor specifies that she requires the socks "to be ripe and sweaty."

He or she also mentions that the model must "like to get their socks/feet worshipped" and "needs to be okay with another dude smelling your socks."

We've seen a lot of bizarre things here in our fair city, but we can confidently say we wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall for whatever goes down during this encounter.

Foot fetish enthusiasts can take a look at the full ad here.

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