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12/28/2012 02:48 pm ET

Els Enfarinats Flour Fight Kicks Off In Spain (PHOTOS)

Every year on December 28, the residents of the small town of Ibi in eastern Spain celebrate Els Enfarinats – an unusual winter fiesta in which participants take to the streets with firecrackers and pelt each other with eggs and flour bombs.

The festival kicks off with a mock "coup" by a group called the Els Enfarinats and an opposition group trying to fight them off, the BBC explains. Their weapons? Eggs and lots of flour.

The origins of Els Enfarinats, which is celebrated again since 1981, remain unknown. According to the Telegraph, it is believed to date back 200 years.

Take a peek at hilarious photos from the festival in the slideshow below:


Els Enfarinats Festival In Spain