George R.R. Martin's Christmas Presents

12/28/2012 04:29 am ET

George R.R. Martin seems to have had a good Christmas.

It's been a mixed time of year for him over the past few years. In 2010, the Song of Ice and Fire author spent Christmas Day in hospital with an e-coli infection. In 2011, USA Today named him author of the year.

And perhaps most importantly, he says that he's pleased with what he received from Father Christmas.

Santa was very, very good to me. Books, turtles, jewelry, a coffeemaker (I mainline the stuff), monster movies, a tiny miniature of myself, a Richard Powers original, a dragon for my garden... what more can a boy want? (Aside from his lost youth, and a year's worth of 50 hour days to get more done).

We wish someone would get him a new pen, and some ankle chains to keep him at his desk. We need more books, George! Keep writing!

What would you buy George R.R. Martin as a present?

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