New Year's Eve is almost upon us, which means parties, fireworks and the dilemma of who to kiss at midnight.

Primetime boasts a whole host of memorable characters -- both those we love and those we love to hate -- but while we're happy to spend an hour with them every week, that doesn't necessarily mean we'd want to invite them into our homes for a party.

With that in mind, HuffPost TV has rounded up 15 TV characters who we think would liven up any New Year's Eve celebration -- whether they can work a little magic, like Rumplestiltskin or Barney Stinson, or regale us with tales about their adventures in space or parallel universes, like Walter Bishop or a certain Time Lord. Check out our list below and hit the comments to tell us which fictional characters you'd like to spend New Year's Eve with -- and which you think would be total party poopers.

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  • The Doctor ("Doctor Who")

    An alien Time Lord with extensive knowledge of the past, present and future, not to mention other planets and dimensions -- can you imagine a more fascinating companion for your festivities? (Pun intended.) Maybe if you get him liquored up, he'll even give you a tour of the TARDIS.

  • Rumplestiltskin ("Once Upon a Time")

    Sure, Rumple might be a little psychotic (and liable to turn your guests into snails if they annoy him), but imagine the party tricks he can pull off -- spinning straw into gold is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Castiel ("Supernatural")

    If you want tricks without the psychosis, an angel is a much safer bet than The Dark One. Not only will his time-travelling, age-defying exploits give him plenty to discuss with The Doctor, you won't need to worry about a designated driver for all your drunken friends, since Castiel's wings make transportation a breeze.

  • Troy and Abed ("Community")

    Ain't no party like a Troy and Abed party -- they'll come complete with wacky costumes; wannabe-filmmaker Abed can immortalize the evening with his camcorder; and if the music gets dull, they'll regale you with a spanish rap or two. Just don't ask them to choose between pillows and blankets, unless you want to start a war.

  • Max Black ("2 Broke Girls")

    No event is complete without cupcakes, and who better to deliver them than an acerbic New Yorker who knows enough dirty jokes to make Lenny Bruce blush? In fact, we think she'd end the night buried under a pile of coats with ...

  • Barney Stinson ("How I Met Your Mother")

    With a sharp suit and one hell of a singing voice, this magician/ladies man/inventor of the Bro Code would have plenty of wisdom to impart to your partygoers (when he's not parting your partygoers from their panties) -- and if all else fails, we hear that his face makes an awesome target for slap practice.

  • Frank Gallagher ("Shameless")

    Depending on how drunk he is when he staggers into your pad, Frank could either be the lovable, madcap life of the party or a total buzzkill -- roll the dice and hide your silver.

  • Chloe ("Don't Trust The B---- In Apt 23)

    She may be a sociopath, but no one can deny that Chloe knows how to have a good time. Someone will probably end up calling the cops and you might have no memory of the night by the time she's done with you, but isn't that what New Year's Eve is all about?

  • Seymour Birkhoff ("Nikita")

    We see tech guru Birkhoff controlling the decks to make sure your bash has the most epic soundtrack imaginable -- and with his computer knowledge, he can take over a few security cameras on the street to make sure no one tries to crash your shindig.

  • Ivy Lynn ("Smash")

    Who wouldn't want to see Ivy and Barney singing a drunken Broadway duet before the countdown to midnight? Our favorite blonde bombshell might not be Marilyn (yet) but she knows how to party like a star.

  • Pam ("True Blood")

    It's possible that your event might end in a bloodbath with a vampire involved, but as long as she's well-fed and your friends don't bore her, Pam would be a hilarious addition to any guest list -- at the very least, she might bring Eric as her +1.

  • Cameron Tucker ("Modern Family")

    While Cam might be a little high maintenance as a guest, you can't deny that Fizbo the Clown would liven up the festivities -- for better or worse.

  • Tom Haverford ("Parks & Recreation")

    As long as he and DJ Roomba aren't arguing with Birkhoff over the music choices, either Tom's failed business ventures will make you feel really great about your life choices, or you'll have a crate of "Tommy Fresh" cologne to add to your gift bags. No matter what, the self-proclaimed "Brown Gosling" will add plenty of swagger to your soiree.

  • Walter Bishop ("Fringe")

    Forgetting his disturbingly extensive collection of hallucinogenic drugs, Walter would be certain to enthrall a room with tales of his journeys to alternate universes, encounters with fringe events and unorthodox relationship with Gene the cow. He might even be tempted to share his Red Vines, if you ask him nicely.

  • Tyrion Lannister ("Game of Thrones")

    If you're having a NYE party, you can count on the Imp to supply the wenches, booze and witty banter -- he might outsmart you at Cyvasse, but as long as you don't invite his handsy siblings, he'll happily keep the celebration going until dawn.

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