12/29/2012 02:21 pm ET

Charlie The Unicorn 4: One Of YouTube's First Viral Hits Returns After 3 Years (VIDEO)

Oh, happy day! "Charlie The Unicorn 4" has finally landed... or actually, taken off... to the moon.

If you'll recall, two very important things happened in 2005: 1) YouTube launched, and 2) Charlie The Unicorn made his first appearance. The sublimely ridiculous animated video was one of the site's first monster successes, garnering over 60 million views. 2008 saw Charlie The Unicorn 2 and part 3 followed in 2009.

Charlie is the creation of Jason Steele of FilmCow, who has also given us other indelible characters such as "Llamas With Hats" and "Marshmallow People".

Check out the latest episode of "Charlie The Unicorn" above and some of our other favorite FilmCow shorts below.


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