Sometimes, the best laughs are the ones that go hand-in-hand with dawwwws, and 2012 did not disappoint in the cute department. From the scared baby red panda to kittens learning physics to baby Leo fighting sleep, this was a year that kept us squealing with delight day after day.

Here are some of our favorite "OMG ADORBS" videos of the year. Pick your favorite and let us know what you think we missed.

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  • Dog Waits While Toddler Plays In Puddle

  • Surprised Baby Red Panda

  • Sloths In Onesies

  • Twins Dancing

  • Monkey In A Cup!

  • Baby Loves Goats

  • Baby Leo Fights Sleep

  • Bulldog Sits In Box

  • Cat's Instant Karma

  • Dog Watching Marmaduke

  • Dog Watching Table Tennis

  • Kittens Learn Physics

  • Dog Reacting To Bacon Strips

  • Dog On Trampoline

  • Little Boy Has Trouble Saying "We're Trucking"

  • Fussy Bulldog

  • Little Girl Is Tired Of "Bronco Bama & Mitt Romney"

  • Pandas On A Slide

  • Caine's Arcade

  • Synchronized Cats

  • Kittens In Capes

  • Hamlet The Mini Pig Goes Down Stairs

  • Kitten Vs. Doberman

  • Dog In Water Park

  • Cat Begs For Treats

  • Cat Scared In Mirror

  • Golden Retrievers Playing In Snow