This year was a good year, as is evident through all the year-end mash-ups we've been doing. Now here's a "best of" list to top them all: 2012 seen through the eyes of Boo and Trotter, our favorite celebrity canines.

No dog worth his or her bone stays out of current affairs for too long and Boo and Trotter are no different. Here's the both of them rocking the elections, Sesame Street And Psy. Well-read AND cute.. how adorable is that?!

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  • Boo Enjoying The Winter

    Because a dog's gotta have color-coordinated socks.

  • Trotter In A Fur Coat

    And she's gotta have a fur coat, too.

  • From Winter To Spring..

    He was pretty excited about all the Spring flowers.

  • A Dog In Bunny Ears

    Boo takes Easter pretty seriously.

  • Boo Goes Hiking In The Summer

    Soakin' up some sun.

  • Trotter Does Gangam Syle

    She can pull off those moves, too.

  • Go Giants!

    Sometimes, a dog just has to support her favorite baseball team.

  • Trotter Stands For President

    She wanted to be the first black female in the White House.

  • Trotter Defends Sesame Street

    And then, when everyone began hating on Sesame Street, Trotter decided she had to stand up for her favorite frog.

  • Boo And Buddy Do Thanksgiving

    This is their Turkey Face.

  • Thanksgiving Part 2

    There's always room for more.

  • A Dog Dressed As A Reindeer

    Trotter wears her ears pretty well.

  • Merry Xmas Y'all

    This was after he'd eaten one too many candy canes.