You may have lost track of Vanessa Hudgens once she completed her "High School Musical" run, but we've been keeping tabs on the starlet and her fringe-tastic boho style.

You see, once she shed her Disney persona and embraced life as a bona fide Hollywood celeb, Vanessa decided to go totally bohemian on us: think flared pants, ripped pants, lace pants, fringey vests, floppy hats, maxi dresses and cropped tops. She owned Coachella.

So what does a hippie-chic goddess wear to church? An oversized muumuu of a dress, a chunky scarf and insanely high platforms sandals. Duh.

Hudgens was spotted in said ensemble while walking to church with her boyfriend, Austin Butler. They both did their L.A. thing -- wearing sunglasses when it's questionably sunny outside -- and looked pretty much too cool for school church.

At least there was no sheer lace involved.


vanessa hudgens church

vanessa hudgens church

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