In the name of year-end candor, we'll admit it: we have a gentle fondness in our hearts for the wardrobe malfunction.

2012 didn't disappoint us in that department, bringing us a treasure trove of bikinis gone awry, sheer tops illuminated by flashbulbs and some that just defied explanation. Some stars get flustered in the face of a clothing mishap -- but others surely are a little tickled by the publicity.

Check out the most scandal-inducing wardrobe goofs of 2012 below, including Anne Hathaway's big moment, Miley Cyrus and a whole lotta Kardashians.


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  • Anne Hathaway, December 2012

    In the now-infamous moment from the Hollywood "Les Miserables" premiere, Anne Hathaway's avant-garde Tom Ford ensemble was upstaged by this <a href="">Britney-esque moment</a> prior to the red carpet. (FWIW, Anne handled the aftermath -- in particular, a <a href="">leering exchange with Matt Lauer</a> -- with grace and class.)

  • LeAnn Rimes, December 2012

    The <a href="">no-shirt-under-blazer look</a> is not for the faint at heart, or the... private of chest.

  • Ellie Goulding, December 2012

    Goulding fell victim to the <a href="">too-sheer white dress </a>at the London premiere of "Les Miserables." Slips are your friend, ladies!

  • Zara Phillips, Nov. 2012

    <a href="">Prince William's cousin bared her red bra</a> in a rare royal wardrobe faux pas.

  • Tamara Beckwith, Nov. 2012

    Even British socialites should beware the <a href="">neon pink panties.</a>

  • David Cameron, November 2012

    The UK's prime minister proved at a dinner function that even powerful dignitaries can <a href="">forget to button their tuxedo shirts.</a>

  • Khloe Kardashian, November 2012

    Her new gig co-hosting Fox's "X Factor" got off to a chilly start when Khloe's top <a href="">prompted lascivious tweets </a>from Simon Cowell and others.

  • Kourtney Kardashian, October 2012

    If a <a href="">Kardashian sister has a wardrobe malfunction</a> and no photographers are around to capture it, did it ever really happen?

  • Jennifer Lopez, October 2012

    In her first of two nip slips in that sparkly catsuit, Jennifer Lopez should have rethought her tour wardrobe after <a href="">this incident in Italy...</a>

  • Jennifer Lopez, October 2012

    ... but she didn't, and suffered the same fate the very next week. Luckily, all's been clear since then.

  • Sofia Vergara, Sept. 2012

    The <a href="">Emmys dress malfunction heard 'round the world</a> was definitely Sofia Vergara, who was the one to break the news by tweeting a photo of her busted Zuhair Murad dress. ""Yes!!!! This happend 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!" No one, however, was really complaining.

  • Katrina Darling, Sept. 2012

    Kate Middleton's distant cousin/burlesque dancer had some trouble with her thong while performing an already-sexy Statue of Liberty-themed routine and had to clutch it for the rest of her show.

  • Alexa Chung, Aug. 2012

    Just because your romper is basically shorts <a href=""Yes!!!! This happend 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!"">doesn't mean you're safe.</a>

  • Joanna Krupa, Aug. 2012

    That teeny bikini was just <a href="">asking for trouble.</a>

  • Miley Cyrus, July 2012

    Miley's trapeze top <a href="">exposed her bra</a> as she headed to her car on a warm summer day. (Girl, you gotta be careful with those.)

  • Sharon Stone, June 2012

    <a href="">When in Paris</a>, we suppose...

  • Katy Perry, June 2012

    Tissues? A bra? Either way, <a href="">poor Katy.</a>

  • Nicole Scherzinger, June 2012

    <a href="">Nicole shows off her Spanx</a> (or her dress lining.)

  • Kim Kardashian, June 2012

    Long before she was reality starring for two, Kim Kardashian was <a href="">battling yet another see-through dress.</a>

  • Lindsay Lohan, June 2012

    On the "Liz & Dick" set, <a href="">Lindsay Lohan's dress declared mutiny.</a>

  • Kanye West, April 2012

    In one of our favorite wardrobe malfunctions of the year, Kanye West got <a href="">caught with his Balenciaga pants down</a> while on a date with Kim. Kim later defended the incident, saying, "He was getting out of the car and his belt got pulled by this hook on the car door and he was trying to pull it up quick and his belt was really heavy."

  • Stephanie Seymour, April 2012

    The stunning supermodel was<a href=""> caught a little stunned herself</a> by the flashbulbs at a Chanel Tribeca Film Fest party.

  • Melody Thornton, April 2012

    The former Pussycat Doll attended the ELLE Women in Music event with the intention, it seemed, of emphasizing to literally everyone that she was <a href="">very much a woman.</a>

  • Adrienne Bailon, March 2012

    In what we're crowning the Worst Wardrobe Malfunction of 2012, former Cheetah Girl Adrienne hit the red carpet in this homemade dress with a ruffle that unfortunately blew to the side, revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Oof.

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