AKRON, Ohio — Aiden and Donavyn didn't wait until New Year's Day to come screaming into the world, but the circumstances of their births are still pretty special: The babies were born about two hours apart to Ohio mothers who are identical twins.

The Akron Beacon Journal ( ) reports that the 19-year-old mothers – Aimee and Ashlee Nelson – weren't raised to do things alike and did not plan the births to come at the same time. In fact, their due dates were about a week apart. http://bit.ly/YQpn3X

Aimee's son, Donavyn Scott Bratten, was born just after noon on the last day of 2012. Ashlee's son, Aiden Lee Alan Dilts, made his appearance at about 2 p.m.

They were delivered by the same doctor at Summa Akron City Hospital.


Information from: Akron Beacon Journal, http://www.ohio.com

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